eBook Instructions

Upon completion of your order, you will be issued a download link to download your eBook. These will NOT automatically be added to your tablet device, you must manually add them. See instructions below:

Directions on how to add eBooks to your iPad, iPhone, iPod.

To manually sync books, follow the steps to add your book from your computer; then sync your library to your device.

1. Need to make sure that you have iBooks installed on your iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone. If you don’t, click here to install it.

2. Now open up iTunes. Select File -> Add to Library….

3. Navigate to the PDF file(s) you want to add to iBooks. Once you’ve made your selection, click Choose.

4. Now select Books from your iTunes Library. You should see the PDF file(s) that you just added, now listed.

5. Right-click (ctrl+click for single-button Mac folks) on the newly added PDF and select Get Info.

6. First select the Options tab. Make sure that the Media Kind: is set to Book.

7. Almost done. Now select from the Devices list in iTunes.

Select the Books tab from the list at the top. Make sure that Sync Books is checked (and then click the Sync button).

8. Now open iBooks. You’ll see a PDFs button at the top. Tap it and you’ll see your books.