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The Academy Of Arts And Technology
GREAAT Introduces the study of the Arts and Technology, integrated whine a rigorous and relevant core curriculum that advances each child's mastery of academic skills and content. The learning environment is designed to value the individual learner, to nuture the uniqueness of their expressions of intelligence while creating daily opportunities for (academic and performance) success increasing self confidence, self awareness and global preparedness. GREAAT values the discipline of the arts that affords creative personal expression, individual and group achievement.

The GREAAT Visual And Performing Arts Model

Experience with and knowledge of the arts is a vital part of a complete education. The arts are rich disciplines that include a vibrant history, an exemplary body of work to study and compelling cultural traditions. An education in the arts is an essential part of the academic curriculum for the achievement of human, social and economic growth. The arts offer tools for development. They enable personal, intellectual and social development.

GREAAT is modeled after The Winans Academy of Performing Arts as well as participating schools that use the Visual and Performing Arts model in California, Illinois, Kentucky and New York.

Principal Organizers
The principal organizers of the Grand Rapids Ellington Academy Of Arts and Technology are Drs. Marvin and MaLinda Sapp. Dar. Marvin Sapp is the pastor of the Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids, MI. In addition to being an award winning producer, Pastor Sapp has received numerous awards in the area of recording & performing arts, and community service. Among them area the Stellar Awards, Gospel Music Excellence Award, 6 Grammy Award nominations, Soul Train Music and Dove Award Nominations to mention a few. He has been honored in his hometown of Grand Rapids for his professional and philanthropic efforts. Additionally, Dr. Sapp received a Giant Award and the Fredrick Douglas Award from the National Association of Negro and Professional's Women's Club. He has answered the call to serve, and through his ministry fills the social and spiritual needs of many people in Grand Rapids and across the country.

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